The recent SAcsi index has covered 24 industries in South Africa, mostly in the service-related and consumer industries.

It has included 97 brands and has drawn detailed insights from a sample of over 307 000 individuals. Annually, Consulta releases a combined National Index in which all the industries measured in the previous year are combined into a National Index for South Africa.

According to BusinessTech, the index reported Nandos in the fast food sector, Capitec in banking, Woolworths in supermarkets and clothing and Apple in mobile headsets as the consumer brands that consistently outperformed their competitors within their respective sectors in terms of customer satisfaction over the five-year period from 2013-2017.

Consulta CEO, Professor Adré Schreuder told the publication that over the years, SAcsi has consistently reflected a strong relationship between customer satisfaction and sustained business performance.

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“It is interesting to see that the average Perceived Value metric – a perception of value-for-money – across all surveys also closely correlated with movements in key economic indicators such as GDP, inflation and the rand value relative to major world currencies,” Schreuder was quoted as saying.

Consumer industries such as fast food, mobile handsets and life insurance were the best-performing sectors over the five-year period. Industries that have improved their year-on-year averages include mobile handsets, banking, fast food, life insurance and full-service restaurants.

The site reports that in the banking sector Capitec has led the industry in the measure, with its SAcsi score rising from 83 in 2013 to its current level of 85 in 2017.

While during the same period, Standard Bank’s customer satisfaction score dropped to a low of 72 in 2016. In short-term insurance, Santam’s SAcsi score has remained steadily above the 80 mark.

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Santam’s SAcsi score dropped slightly from 81,3 in 2016 to 80,2 in 2017, following three consecutive years of being in the leadership position, essentially seeing to it that Discovery Insure, Old Mutual Insure, OUTsurance and Virseker were classified in the leadership category for 2017.