The K-word has reared its ugly head again, this time it’s a former Westville Girls’ High school English teacher who was forced to resign on Monday, following an alleged rambling racist rant to pupils in which she harped on about how black people are running the country into the ground.

De Bruyn is said to have lost control during a lesson in which she attempted to draw comparisons between Harper Lee’s setwork book To Kill a Mockingbird and the country’s political landscape, TimesLive reports.

“My sister told me they were discussing the book and she went off on a tangent, trying to draw comparisons in farm killings and the content of the book,” a sibling of one of her pupils was quoted saying.

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“She was saying that there was reverse racism now, because farmers were responsible for putting food on the table and now they were being subjected to attacks. She went on to say that blacks would never have been able to do half the things in the country if it wasn’t for white people.”

She ended off the tirade by addressing the black girls in her classroom by allegedly referring to them as “these k****rs”.

De Bruyn seemingly enjoyed the support of her Head of Department, who allegedly told the girls to accept their teacher’s apology and essentially move on because it had taken a lot for de Bruyn to humble herself and apologise for her comments.

Westville Girls’ High School Principal Catherine Raw has launched an investigation and condemned the incident, saying de Bruyn’s remarks didn’t reflect the principles of the school.

The EFF, however, isn’t taking the issue lightly and have vowed to make De Bruyn face the music for her racist rant.

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EFF leader in KwaZulu-Natal Vusi Khoza says the party would like to engage with De Bruyn. “We are also looking for her address… we just want to talk. We want to know what we ever did to deserve the insults she directs toward us and our children‚” Khoza says.

Deputy Chair of the Gender Commission Mfanozelwe Shozi, who also happens to be a parent of a pupil at the school, said he was informed that De Bruyn had said: “Zimbabwe was an amazing country when it was called Rhodesia under the white regime and that when it was taken by Africans, it became a basket case.”

She allegedly said South Africa would suffer the same fate as Zimbabwe if the expropriation of land without compensation was pursued.

“She even said that in her home, her parents are scared and have guns under their beds. She said that if she could meet Julius Malema, she would shoot him,” he added.