Mini recently revamped its three-door, five-door and hatch ranges with a singular goal – to continue its long-standing tradition of offering a superb ride quality, while allowing this premium car to make a bold styling statement. In fact, the new Mini wants you to explore more corners, something I was fortunate to do at a recent launch in Cape Town.

From all angles, the new Mini makes a progressive and bold statement with its fresh visual appearance.  Its new circular headlights are more expressive and, as an option, customers can fit LED lighting that automatically adjust their brightness to road conditions. Another deft move has been addition of the Union Jack motif inside the rear lights, clearly emphasizing the car’s British origins. Even the Mini logo has been refreshed.

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Inside, as you’d expect from this compact premium car, leather seats are plush and the features on the dashboard nifty and user-friendly, making navigation on the road easy and the drive more enjoyable. What’s more, the other new features for the Mini three-door and the Mini five-door include the Chester leather trim in Malt Brown and a Colour Line now also available in Malt Brown.

Then there’s the innovative Mini Yours Customised programme which allows car owners to customise their own scuttles, decorative strips for the cockpit fascia, LED door sill finishers and LED door projectors. These customised products, which are easy to fit in the car afterwards at home, can be selected, designed and ordered through

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Any talk of the Mini would be incomplete without mentioning impressive advancement on the technology side. The engines in the new Mini three-door, five-door and convertible have been overhauled to make driving fun while reducing fuel consumption.

The range of body finishes available for the car variations includes three variants: Emerald Grey, Starlight Blue and Solaris Orange metallic. In the drive, from Cape Town Airport to Paarl and then Constantia all the claims about the superior ride quality were evident. It’s a car for the “in” crowd, as well as those who don’t wish to compromise on taste, fun and style. The new range is truly designed to explore more corners.


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