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The Internet has opened up a world of possibilities and is shifting the way we go about doing things in our lives, including how we learn.

Online learning has become a popular and easy alternative to getting your qualification or increasing your skills. South Africa has not been left behind in this global education revolution.

About online learning

The traditional way of learning has altered. Online learning means you can obtain a qualification without the need to physically be on any campus attending classes.

It provides you with countless courses to fulfil your dreams of getting into the best universities and increasing your skill set to afford you more career opportunities.

The World Economic Forum defines two forms of online education. The first type is through courses for credit, where “students enrolled in tertiary education take online classes offered by home or other higher education learning institutions for credit”.

The other is professional training and certification preparation. “Such online learning is usually targeted at professionals or students seeking training or preparing for certification exams,” it says. “Popular courses include training in foreign languages, accounting and nursing.”

A growing phenomenon

With endless advantages, such as easy registration, flexible time management and other conveniences, it comes as no surprise that more people, from high school graduates to mid-career professionals, are taking this route.

“In recent years, online learning has grown in popularity at unprecedented levels, due to the rapid development of technology and the mechanisms to deliver such courses,” reports information hub for training professionals, Training Industry. With a laptop, a smartphone and wifi, you can do anything.

In South Africa, the numbers are testament to this growing trend. GetSmarter, a brand of 2U, Inc., is a digital education company that started in Cape Town in 2008. By 2013, it had helped 30 000 professionals develop skills through its online courses. The goal? To have a million professionals improve their lives by 2030 through up-skilling.

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