Furthering one’s education is always a good idea, particularly if its to advance one’s career and while MBAs have been lauded as one of the greatest career boosters, is it really worth the effort and expense?

Peter von Loesecke, CEO and MD of The MBA Tour, says it is.

“With the growing digitisation of our economies and the increasing importance of technology in our society, I believe that studying towards an MBA and specialised master’s degree is more valuable than ever. These graduates are among the few professionals who are able to speak both the language of business and the language of technology, bridging the gap between these two worlds,” said Loesecke.

Loesecke is bringing the fourth MBA Tour to Johannesburg on 8 October, so prospective MBA students can get as much information as possible before making a potentially life-changing decision.

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“We are excited to be bringing The MBA Tour back to South Africa for the fourth consecutive year, as well as giving potential students access to some of the best schools globally to consider for MBA studies or a specialised master’s degree. Both the MBA and specialised master’s qualification allows professionals to take their career to the next level by enhancing their skillsets for further growth in the future.”

According to Loesecke, research has shown that studying further, whether it’s an MBA or a master’s degree, offers a wealth of advantages, especially when it’s offered by a top business school with a good reputation. These advantages include getting a higher salary after graduation, landing a top management position, or even becoming your own boss.

“Both an MBA and a specialised master’s are critical tools for employees striving to establish themselves as invaluable assets because the programmes are designed to nurture the soft skills demanded by blue-chip companies – leadership, empathy, and global awareness – as well as understand the nuts and bolts of business.”

He said this year’s tour aims to create a platform for attendees to network with representatives from top business schools and, in doing so, provide them with information to make informed decisions on how they can take their careers to the next level.”

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The MBA Tour, founded in 1993, is an independent and high-quality information source that provides independent and accurate information regarding MBA admissions. The MBA Tour serves as a platform for personal interaction between prospective MBA students, potential Master’s students, business school admissions representatives, alumni and other like-minded education enthusiasts, featuring top business schools such as Columbia University, Duke University in North Carolina, MIT, Sloan in Massachusetts, the University of British Columbia and many more. The event will include panel sessions, small group meetings, and presentations from representatives of more than sixteen of the top business schools around the globe.

The tour takes place on Monday, 8 October, at the Hilton Hotel in Sandton between 5pm and 10pm.