Ginseng (extract)

Ginseng is a herb that is usually used in medicine, but can also be found in some grooming products. Because it contains large quantities of phytonutrients, which are stimulants and activators for skin metabolism, ginseng offers great benefits for your skin and hair.  This is also why it’s often promoted as an anti-ageing product.

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Toners come in two forms: as a liquid or as toning pads. The basic function of a toner is to reduce the appearance of blemishes and blotches, and as the name suggests, to make the general ‘tone’ of your face even and consistent. While most men are not necessarily in dire need of a toner, this product is handy when trying to disguise a hungover face.

Distillation, Top Note, Middle note, Base note, Dry down

All these terms refer to fragrances and the different stages that a fragrance goes through. Plants, seeds or blossoms are the distillations that fragrances are made from, which are then heated, and the vapours they release are condensed and collected.

The top note is the first scent you smell when you apply a fragrance and it has the shortest life span. The middle note, often referred to as the ‘heart’ note, is the scent just behind the top note and is where the true ‘personality’ of a fragrance is revealed. The base note can be described as the ‘landing ground’ for the fragrance – the ‘real scent’ – and it’s the note that lasts the longest. Dry down is a term that refers to the base note, it signifies the base notes of fragrance finally being revealed.

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Cosmetic serums are made to transport important compounds, and this makes for deeper skin penetration and gives a far more effective moisturising effect than normal creams. Serums are also big in anti-ageing ranges because of their skin tightening benefits.


Just in case you’re not familiar with this term, organic refers to products that are not synthetically made and have proven to offer major benefits, naturally. Ingredients to look out for in organic products are non-synthetic emollients, emulsifiers, preservatives, humectants, and surfactants. As complicated as this may sound, you can also Google almost any product to find out if it really does work and if it is really organic.