Designer shoes can set you back thousands of rands, making them prized possessions in your wardrobe. That being said, particular care should be taken in looking after them. From avoiding scruffs and marks while storing them to preserving the soles while donning them, we’ve got five tips to help you protect your favourite pair.

Here are five ways to protect your favourite pair of shoes:

  1. Condition your leather

Shoes made from leather need to be conditioned to keep the hide moistened. This helps keep it supple and prevents them from experiencing any cracks. Simply remove any dirt from your leather shoes with a brush, apply a leather conditioner, wait for it be absorbed and wipe it off. Alternatively, polish leather shoes as often as possible. For suede shoes, invest in a quality suede spray that shields them against water and salt damage.

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2. Invest in a wooden shoe tree

To preserve the shape of your shoes and extend their lifetime, invest in a wooden shoe tree. These also prevent creases developing on your shoes and absorb moisture from leather and allowing it to breathe. An alternative to a wooden shoe tree is to stuffing shoes with as much newspaper as possible.

3. Get rubber soles and caps for the heels

Should your shoes have soles made with thin leather, it is sure to be the first thing that deteriorates, along with the heel, as it scraps hard surfaces. Rubber soles and heels can be fitted by a cobbler to extend the lifespan of the shoes.

4. Store them well

It’s easy to think little damage can be done while storing your shoes, but on the contrary, your favourite pair may well be scratched and scuffed in storage. If space allows, keep them in the original box. Alternatively, you can invest in linen dust bags, which also come in handy when travelling.