The latest monster hike in the fuel price and the knock-on effect it will have on just about everything else is set to put consumers under further financial strain.

Right now, every cent counts, so it’s important to plug unnecessary expenditure.

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Here are three useful financial and budgeting apps you’ll thank us later on for putting you on to.


Old Mutual’s 22seven is a free financial app that helps you track and manage your money more easily by allowing you to integrate multiple accounts (credit cards, bank accounts, store cards, investments, loans) onto one platform.

It manages all your transactions and offers tips on how to budget better and investment opportunities.


This personal finance app applies the old school cash envelope approach to budgeting, but of course, the envelopes are virtual.

The app will sync to multiple phones so it’s the ideal tool to share a household budget.

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You can also set limits to stop you overspending.


If you’re the kind of person who spends money every which way, you’ll want to download Mint.

It tracks your data from multiple accounts and charts all your spending and transactions.