This week has belongs to the four men responsible for the viral #KupeChallenge. Few can say they have not seen the video – whether they enjoyed watching it or not.

And rumour has it, South African men were none too pleased to see the fandom this video created. True to form, they did not back down from a challenge and joined the #KupeChallenge.

In the viral video that could be said to haven broken the Internet, four French men – two seated and two standing behind them – dance to a song by A-Star called Kupe Dance. Their good looks (and not necessarily their dance moves) captured the hearts of women all over the world and perhaps annoyed their male counterparts. It’s safe to say they have become overnight Internet sensations.

Here are some of the results of the SA version of the Kupe Challenge.


Here’s the original video that started the challenge:

The song is catchy and if you’re interested in hearing the full version, here’s the video: