Embedded in urban popular culture, car-spinning is nevertheless often perceived as a criminal activity. Jeff James, however, believes it is all about adrenaline.

Talking to eNCA, James said he would be opening his academy in November and is inviting young people who are keen to learn how to spin cars to join him. “Move away from our public roads, that’s not safe at all. Come to Jeff James Spin Hub, we will teach you how to spin,” he said.

The academy is expected to open at the GOG Gardens in Protea Glen, Soweto. The 400 square-metre spin hub was opened in August this year.

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A veteran spinner, James said the launch of the hub was exciting and he was looking forward to keeping the youth off the streets.

“There will be a certain fee which will be charged. I will be using my own car to teach the young ones. Most of all, it is important for communities around us.

“We have big events where we invite community members to put up their stalls and benefit from spinning,” he said.

James told the channel that young people love spinning.

“If you look at the young ones, they love spinning, this is the right platform to teach them and guide them, if you look at our youth of today, they are more into drugs and all sort of those things. Come to us and let’s keep you busy,” he said.

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He acknowledged the culture of spinning cars started on the wrong foot, but he and his peers have made every effort over the years to transform its reputation and turn it into a safe sport.

“It was a problem. We had to push on – we had to push our way up to where we are right now,” he said.