Mr. Slimfit Bespoke Shoes is luxury suit-maker Ngobeni’s latest venture.

Ngobeni recently partnered with a renowned Spanish shoe-making company – he won’t disclose the name – and will be offering consumers the opportunity to design their own shoes from start to finish.

“It’s been about seven months in the making. The relationship with the Spanish company actually started on social media and as soon as we got in touch, we started working on this project,” Ngobeni explains.

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“They built software for us that we use to design the shoes and we gave it a test for the next couple of months, tweaking it to suit the experience we wanted to create.”

Ngobeni explains that every shoe will be made to order and the experience will be quite similar to getting a custom-made suit.

“Consumers will come into the showroom and will get to choose fabrics from those available. From that point, the client will get to design the shoe on the software that we’ve developed,” Ngobeni explains.

“The client gets to choose the type of shoe he wants, the colour, the laces, the buckle colour, the inside of the shoe, the sole – he’ll literally have carte blanche on what he wants his shoe to look like.”

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“As soon as the client is happy with his creation, we then send the design off to Spain and the shoe gets made there. It takes six to eight weeks before the client gets his shoe.”

Ngobeni describes this type of offering as a revolutionary concept for South Africa.

“I think we’re probably going to be the first brand in South Africa to offer this type of service. It’s ground-breaking and we’re super-excited about it.”

The shoes retail from R10 000.

Here’s a gallery of what one could create