The University of Cape Town (UCT) is now allowing students the option of indicating a gender-neutral title, or no title at all, in official university correspondence.

In a letter to students this week, UCT Vice-Chancellor Professor Mamokgethi Phakeng explained that they recognised the university has a role to play in building a culture of inclusion and acceptance.

A more inclusive approach to titles was an outcome of the inclusivity policy for sexual orientation that the university recently adopted.

Prospective and current students will be allowed to choose from Miss, Ms, Mrs, Mr, Mx or a blank option, which indicates no titles.

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“We believe this decision will help in our efforts to create an environment in which all will flourish and be respected, as encouraged by the Constitution of our country,” said Phakeng.

The university will issue new student cards at no cost to reflect the choices.

In July, Wits University announced a similar initiative where students could use the gender-neutral title “Mx” alongside more traditional ones.

Wits Registrar Carol Crosley said at the time: “The university recognises that it is invalidating and distressing for a person who, for an example, was born female but identifies as male, to be constantly addressed by a non-affirming title in university correspondence and systems.”

– News24