This was revealed during the appearance of a man who used to work at Cape Town International Airport. He was arrested after he allegedly scratched through someone’s bag on 13 October.

Magistrate Zakira Mohamed heard that the man did not steal anything, nor was he found in possession of stolen items.

However, aviation laws are so that strict that he could get a maximum of 10 years in jail if he is found guilty.

The man’s case was postponed to 27 November for further investigation, which includes getting video footage of the alleged incident.

He was granted bail of R1 000 and told not to go near the airport.

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Meanwhile, another man who allegedly tried to bribe an airport official to get two friends through immigration also appeared in the same court.

The local businessman allegedly encouraged two friends from abroad to join him in SA.

The court heard that the airport official to whom he offered a bribe – as part of his plan to get his friends through immigration – told the police about it.

The man was arrested in a sting when he allegedly handed over the bribe money.

He was released on R5 000 bail.

– News24