Stock up on trousers  

Make sure you consistently rotate your trousers. Trousers face more wear and tear than jackets, so it’s ideal to buy more than one pair when you buy your suit.

If you’re still fairly new to the game, then you probably don’t have that many suits to choose from. If this is the case, then stock up on as many pairs of trousers as you can and play around with these. The more you change it up, the longer your suit will last.

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Fit is everything 

If there was only one fashion rule in life, it would be about fit, because fit is everything. Make sure your suit is perfectly fitted because this will ensure it lasts longer and means your money is well spent. Too tight a fit could lead to tears and all kinds of embarrassment, so don’t leave the store until you’re sure you have the perfect suit for your body.

Don’t over-use internal pockets 

The pockets inside jackets are convenient and secure, but try not to over-use them. Fat wallets and keys can wreak havoc on the often-fragile fabric, which tears easily. Plus, an unsightly bulge in a jacket isn’t a good look on anyone. Rather invest in an envelope bag!

Hang it up carefully

Never use a wire or plastic hanger for your suits; rather opt for a thick wooden hanger. This is because wooden hangers are good for keeping the shape of your jacket’s shoulders intact, and the thicker cross bar will make less of a crease in your trousers. Wood also absorbs moisture, and because the hanger is thicker it won’t stretch or damage your clothing.

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Dry clean or steam iron only

Using a normal dry iron on your expensive investment is a terrible idea. Dry irons tend to burn the fabric’s fibres and create an sheen on the surface. A steam iron, however, opens up fibres, which aids in the removal of stains and will leave your suit sheen-free. Ideally you should have your suits dry-cleaned professionally.

What other suit-care tips have you learnt over the years? 

Additional source: Esquire