If you’re looking for a career change with the highest earning potential, then you’d do well to consider these 10 job titles that will earn you over R1 million a year, as found by salary and cost of living comparison site, Salary Explorer.

According to its salary data: “a person working in South Africa typically earns around 28 237 ZAR per month,” inclusive of benefits such as housing, transportation.

The below salaries, however, offer well above the average South African’s salary, with the title of Corporate Affairs Executive in the Executive and Management sector potentially earning incumbents the most at R140 000 per month, or R1 660 000 per annum.

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These are 10 job titles that will earn you over a mil a year as shared by Business Tech:

  1. Corporate Affairs Executive – R1 660 000 per year, or R140 000 per month
  2. Chief Investment Officer – R1 639 200 per year, or R136 600 per month
  3. Legal Services Director – R1 552 000 per year, or R129 333 per month
  4. Financial Systems Manager – R1 440 000 per year, or R120 000 per month
  5. Neurosurgeon – R1 440 000 per year, or R120 000 per month
  6. Senior Sales Executive – R1 428 000 per year, or R119 000 per month
  7. Corporate Director – R1 380 000 per year, or R115 000 per month
  8. Assistant to CEO – R1 303 700 per year, or R108 642 per month
  9. Market Segmentation Director – R1 300 000 per year, or R108 333 per month
  10. Top Research and Development Executive – R1 300 000 per year, or R108 333 per month