We all have one or more pairs of jeans that were an everyday staple ‘in their day’. As the years went by, however, we stopped wearing them for some reason. It could’ve been that the style became outdated, or you felt that the denims had aged so much that you moved on to new ones.

Sometimes, the reason isn’t even that the jeans are old, but that you just forgot about them. Whatever the reason, one thing is true: denim is one of the most durable fabrics available, and there’s no reason to stop wearing a pair of jeans other than the fact that they don’t fit anymore.

There’s no need to waste a single pair in your cupboard, so here are four at-home ways to refresh your jeans.

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Adding some rips to an old pair of jeans is a great way to refresh them. Here’s how:

What you’ll need:

–          Chopping board

–          Sandpaper

–          Fabric scissors


Place the chopping board at the back of the spot you plan to rip; this is to make sure that you don’t damage the surface you’ll be ripping on.

Because denim can be quite tough, use the sandpaper on the spot you plan to rip to weaken the fabric.

A popular and common place to rip your jeans is on the knees. If this is where you plan to rip, always tear just above the knee so that the fabric doesn’t rip further when you sit, walk or do any other action that would make you lean into the rip directly with your knee.

Make a small incision with the scissors where you want the rip to be and then start making it bigger by tearing slowly through it with your fingers. Never start too big, because there’s no way to undo it – always start small and keep going until you’re happy.


Adding patches to your jeans is a great way to personalise them with your favourite colours and patterns. Whether you want to add a bit of African edge, florals for summer or just emblems you love, patching is an opportunity to show off your personal style.

What you’ll need:

–          Iron

–          Iron-on patch (from a fabric store)

–          Scrap fabric


Place the denim on a hard surface or ironing board and iron them for 30 to 40 seconds to preheat the fabric. Place the patch of fabric on the denim where you want it. Place an old T-shirt or towel over the patch to protect it from the heat and iron evenly around the patch for 90 seconds.

Use dry heat instead of steam when ironing. Repeat this method while turning your denim inside out and then leave to cool for a few minutes. And there you have it, patched jeans!

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You might have been on Instagram and seen a lot of denim frayed at the hems as this has become a popular trend. The good news is that you can create this look at home.

What you’ll need:

–          Iron

–          Chalk

–          Fabric scissors

–          Tweezer


It’s unbelievable easy to fray your jeans at the hems. First, iron them so that you know each leg is of an equal length. After this, decide how high you want your jeans to be cropped and draw a line with chalk at this point.

After cutting, you’ll see threading pulling out of the hem. Use the tweezers to pull at the horizontal threads until you’re happy with how much you’ve distressed the area, and you’re done.

Frayed hems are best paired with really great sneakers (to show them off!) and a good sock game.

What are some of the ways and methods that you’ve used to renew old jeans?

Additional source: Fashion Beans