The Samsung Galaxy S9+
Let’s start with the most important, in case you don’t have time to get to the rest. The Samsung Galaxy S9+ is officially the smartphone of the season – especially when it comes to taking travel pics. With the best-in-class Dual Camera, it features Live Focus with new creative Background Blur effects, that allow you to control the depth of field and the background patterns. The Dual Aperture automatically adjusts to lighting conditions, just as the human eye does, to allow in the right amount of light to ensure all photos are crisp and clear.

Plus, it also offers Bixby Live Translation, which automatically translates signs in foreign languages if you hold your phone up to them, making this the perfect travel buddy phone. Add to your wishlist here. 

Packing Cubes
If you don’t pack with packing cubes, we’re not sure what you’re doing. They help with clothing organisation, folding and fitting everything in your suitcase, preventing it getting all mixed up by the time you arrive. Plus, once at your hotel, you just unzip and put them in the cupboard. Try these.

Portable power bank
This one should be a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people travel without any way to charge their gadgets, especially their cellphones. This is among the best things to have when you travel, and should you find yourself in some sort of emergency, at least you know you’ll have a charged-up phone ready to get you out of trouble. Get one.

A GoPro
This handy gadget is awesome for taking POV videos of amazing adventures. Even if you’re not doing anything particularly outstanding, it turns those ordinary moments into great memories. You can mount it on a skateboard, inside or outside your car or even use it to take underwater videos. The possibilities are endless. We love this one.

A Leatherman
This is probably the ultimate in “you never know/just in case-isms”. This handy tool is actually multiple tools in one. Depending on what type of Leatherman you want, it can come with scissors, pliers, screw driver, beer opener, you name it. And it easily folds and fits into your pockets. Be careful not to forget it there when you’re headed to the airport though, because the security officers will have a bit to say about that. Try this one.

SupaLED Book Light
What more can we say? You want to read while you’re travelling? These lights, which clip onto your book and let you read in dark places, are for you.

There are so many different kinds of headphones on the market at the moment. Some are good for working out, others are made for running. But chances are that your travel bag is going to go through the wars; it might get wet, dirty, stood on or plain old lost. Our suggestion? Keep your travel headphones cheap and cheerful – for the beach or a hike – and keep your fancy ones at home for when you return! We love these from Superbalist.

A multi-plug
Okay, it might not be the sexiest item on our list, but it’s definitely one of the most practical. There’s no worse travel annoyance than heading to a new country, only to find out that your chargers don’t fit in any of the sockets. Invest in a good multi-plug that will fit any plug point around the globe – and add a UBS port for good measure.

A sneaky security pouch
You know what is worse than getting sick while on holiday? Losing your passport and money while on holiday. Keep your stuff safe with a discrete security pouch in which you can store important documents, that can be tucked away in your bag or clothing. We’re into The K-Way Neck Security Pouch.