Lumka Xoxo, during his cross-examination of the school’s principal Maria Mthimkhulu, said teachers and parents had been divided about the need for a security guard and, as a result, Johannes Molefe had been framed.

Molefe is facing three charges of rape and eleven of sexual assault.

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Xoxo put it to Mthimkhulu that there were cameras at the school and that no-one could abuse the children without the cameras capturing it.

“Yes there are cameras,” she said.

Judge Peet Johnson asked whether the cameras covered the whole play area and the outside of the school.

“Yes, they show the places where the kids play,” Mthimkhulu said.

She said she was in the office where the CCTV screens were and she could see what was happening.

“Is the video footage recorded? ” Judge Johnson asked

“Yes, I was told they record everything that happens outside,” Mthimkhulu responded.

She said that no-one had viewed the footage after the incident because everything happened so fast.

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Earlier, Xoxo put it to Mthimkhulu that there was a child whose name was on the list of alleged victims, but that this child had told the police that nothing had been done to her.

Xoxo asked Mthimkhulu what happened to the other children who were not testifying. He argued that the list of children who were allegedly sexually assaulted had been fabricated and that there had been “fishing” for names.

“I dont know because the parents did not get back to me. Initially, when this matter was in the media, there were 87 children,” Mthimkhulu said.

She said that the school was separated into a senior and junior phase and that the juniors were supervised because they did not want them to be around the older children.

“At lunchtime, teachers will put chairs where they can watch that the children don’t get hurt.” She added that the children were not always supervised.

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The case will resume on Tuesday.

– African News Agency