4 tech-friendly bags to look out for

Function meets utility as the design and construction of bags takes on a practical and tech-friendly approach.

The Camcorder-esque bag

The Camcorder-esque bag sports a structured form with flexible interior dividers that separate gadgets and essentials. Wear it over the shoulder, on the waist or across the body.



The drop bag

The drop bag has transitioned into a gently structured, elongated shape, making it ideal for keeping essentials like your phone safe. The transformable details mean you can wear this bag with anything from a suit to your casual wear.



The Tech Pouch

The Tech Pouch is perfect for carrying small, important items, and works well with outdoorsy looks. It’s an ideal option for those who don’t want to carry much.


The interchangeable belt pouch

The military-inspired interchangeable belt pouch can hold multiple pouch pockets, which makes it the perfect choice for casual streetwear and active gear.