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The Cape Flats pastor is accused of the murder of his 36-year-old ex-fiancée An-Niesa Bardien, whose head was crushed with a rock, as well as the rape and murder of 20-year-old Sharvonne Sharnice Koense, who was strangled to death in 2013.

He also stands accused of the rape of two women who he allegedly lured with the pretence of a job offer, as well as the alleged multiple rapes of a woman he met on the old socialising platform Mxit.

The lengthy indictment alleges that in addition to these crimes, he also had sex with a colleague who worked with him at a cleaning company and secretly filmed it.

He then allegedly showed it to four other people at work, leading to four crimen injuria charges against him.

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The pastor made a brief appearance in court on Wednesday and his case was postponed to 4 March. He remains in custody.

This is in line with a warning by lawyer and social media expert Emma Sadleir in October, following the leaking of an apparently private clip of former home affairs minister Malusi Gigaba.

At the time, Sadleir warned that it is a criminal offence to share sexual content without the consent of the person in the material.

She added that this is a clear infringement of privacy and that case law exists to show that there is no public interest in disseminating such content. “Everyone who sends it on is also committing a criminal offence and can be charged with crimen injuria,” Sadleir said.

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The pastor, who may not be named yet, was arrested in 2017.

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