The vertical stripe, button-down shirt: four options to try

Shirts with vertical stripes – creating a smart, clean look – are a menswear must-have this summer.

The nautical stripe shirt

The nautical stripe shirt is characterised by the simple yet classic combination of navy blue and white, creating a crisp feel with a universal and timeless appeal.


The candy-stripe shirt

The candy-striped shirt is simple is its construction as it sports a small pointed collar, spliced vertical pastel stripes and a semi-loose fit, giving it quite a retro feel.


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The  panelled stripe shirt

The panelled shirt sees a mixture of multiple blocks of contrasting stripes combined in pleasing combination to create an effortless, smart-casual look.


The widely-spaced stripe shirt

Widely-spaced, collegiate-inspired stripes create a laid-back and relaxed aesthetic, with a fresh application of thin white stripes on solid shades of blue.