“On Saturday, 24 November, in the early hours of the morning, two armed persons forced our paramedics to hand over their cash, cellphones and personal belongings before fleeing the scene,” the City said in a statement.

“Fortunately, the paramedics sustained no injuries during the robbery. The incident was reported to the Phuthanong Police Station and a case was opened to search and apprehend these criminals.

“We strongly condemn this shameless and heartless attack on our members by persons who have no morals or empathy for the service our emergency personnel is rendering in the interest of saving lives while risking their own”, said member of the mayoral committee responsible for community safety, Councillor Derrick Kissoonduth.

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Members of the community are urged to expose these perpetrators – report them to the nearest police station or Tshwane Metro Police station – as this is not the first attack on our emergency personnel whilst on duty, MMC Kissoonduth added.

In October last year, two paramedics were robbed at gunpoint in Alexandra, north of Johannesburg, News24 reported.

– News24