In 2016, the Statistic Brain Research Institute released a report revealing that South Africa has the third-highest number of sex toy-related searches, coming in just after the United Kingdom and the USA.

This is an indicator that while we may sometimes be a conservative nation, our sex lives are not, and the SA sex toy industry is alive and kicking. 

“South African couples are increasingly open and exploring their sexuality. Sex toys are no longer associated with dark back alleys. People are no longer shy about the use of sex toys and more and more couples are turning to sex toys to spice up their sex lives,” Shane Maguire, owner of online sex toy shop, said in a statement. 

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There are a number of sex toys for men, and we take a look three that a beginner can start with: 


These are easy to hide in plain sight because they are often camouflaged as a flashlight. Fleshlights are one of the most popular sex toys for men because they resemble a realistic vagina and are designed with “real-feel” materials. It’s an easy sex toy to use, and some have a mouth or an anal design for men to play out their oral and anal fantasies alone. Interesting to note is that there are also fleshlights that have been moulded from the bodies of real-life porn stars. 

Penis Rings


Penis rings are designed to give men a bigger and fuller erection by slowing blood flow. It’s a simple toy to use that men can either wrap around their penis or testicles. They are made from a variety of different materials, including stretchy silicone and metal.

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Penis Sleeves 

The penis sleeve gives your penis a boost in size and can be quite pleasurable for your partner. Most penis sleeves have a textured exterior that gives your partner a more stimulating penetrative experience. It’s also a simple toy to use as you simply slip it over your penis in the same way you would a condom, and then you’re good to go.