On Thursday evening, musician and foodie Joao “J’Something” da Fonseca launched his new craft gin brand, Jin Gin, in Johannesburg’s trendy city centre. 

He collaborated with Craft Link, local craft gin experts, to create his flavoursome gin that comes in three flavours. The gin’s made right here in South Africa at Joburg’s Ginology Gin bar. 

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“I’m not much of a drinker, but I love gin; [it] happens to be my drink of choice. When it came to gin, I didn’t want to have a gin that would have J’Something on it because that would be kind of cheesy,” he said. 

What makes Jin Gin stand out from the rest are the different flavours and the captivating story behind each one. 

“The flavours of the gins are a very important part of the story. We’ve got three different varieties and they all have to do with my heritage, which is Portugal and South Africa. They all have to do with my passions, which are food and music,” he explained. 



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Here are the flavours of his gins and the story behind each one:

Olive and Honey 

“Olives are something that we eat around the table a lot in Portugal and honey soothes the voice for a singer, so that’s the story behind that one,” J’Something explains.

Rooibos, orange and honey

“As a singer, what you always drink before a performance is Rooibos because it doesn’t have caffeine and doesn’t harm your voice. And oranges actually happen to be one of the secret things about Portugal that a lot of people don’t know,” J’Something explained. “We’ve got beautiful oranges in the south of Portugal so we wanted to bring that together.”

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Tomatoes and sweet pecan peppers

“My wife conceptualised this flavour to a certain degree, saying ‘we should really make a gin that is food-inspired’. A lot of people don’t know that you can cook with gin and it actually has beautiful flavours,” he said.

“Tomatoes are traditional in Portuguese cooking and peppadews are iconically South African and bringing those two together.”

J’Something has been working on this project for the past couple of months and his gins are finally available at Pick ’n Pay and Ultra Bottle Stores, retailing for around R390.