This relates to a viral video of Lukau, of Alleluia International Ministries church in Kramerville, Sandton, performing a “resurrection”. In the video, a Kings and Queens Real Funeral Services hearse can be seen transporting a coffin into the church, where Lukau and congregants pray before the man rises from the coffin, breathing heavily in what is apparently staged to be a miraculous resurrection.

In a media statement titled “This unholy media war must stop now!”, Mboro, together with the South African Funeral Practitioners’ Association (Safpa), voices his displeasure about Lukau pulling “such an antic for the sake of quick fame and cameras”.

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Mboro, who is described as “one of the most recognisable charismatic prophets in South Africa” and “a leading activist in South African communities”, further states that a group of bishops and pastors “have also voiced their concerns and will join the charismatic Prophet Mboro to air their frustration”.

“No bona fide religious leader, in his right sense of mind and driven by the spirit of our Creator, can attempt to pull such an antic for the sake of quick fame and cameras. And that trick has immediately backfired, with many civil society groups denouncing Lukau, and other church leaders,” Mboro said.

“In the news and on social media, South Africans are expressing deep disbelief over the supposed resurrection of a man – which appears to be a bad (sic) rehearsed act. Funeral parlours are distancing themselves from the act, and even the Zimbabwean government has issued a [statement] saying that was not its resurrected citizen,” Mboro said.

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According to Sowetan, Lukau’s church claimed on Wednesday that the “dead” man was actually “already alive” when his “body” got to the premises and that Lukau had only “completed a miracle that God had already started”.

The funeral parlour claimed to have been duped into taking part in the act and reported the matter to the police on Monday.

Prophet Mboro said he would be visiting the Alleluia Ministries International “to demand answers from Pastor Lukau, to demand an apology on the misrepresentation of the gospel,  and most importantly – to plead with Pastor Lukau to abandon his devious ways and turn to the Lord”.

The meeting has been scheduled for 12pm on Thursday.

– News24 Wire