JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA – AUGUST 10: Pastor Paseka Motsoeneng, also known as Pastor Mboro poses for a portrait during an interview on August 10, 2017 in Johannesburg, South Africa. The controversial Incredible Happenings Church Pastor rejects recommendations by the CRL Commission that churches should pay tax. (Photo by Gallo Images / Sunday Times / Alaister Russell)

Instead, he says, this story was planted by the PR team of another self-proclaimed prophet, Shepherd Bushiri.

On Tuesday Motsoeneng had a press conference outside of the Tshwane Events Centre which houses Bushiri’s Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church, before entering the premises to look for Bushiri.

Motsoeneng wanted to meet with Bushiri in order to get a written decree that the story about Motsoeneng going to heaven and taking pictures of Jesus was orchestrated by Bushiri’s team to defame him.

“There has been a smear campaign against me that prophet Mboro went to heaven, saw Jesus having sex with a Xhosa woman and sold the pictures for the heaven issue and so on,” Motsoeneng said.

He rejected the story and said he had never been to heaven or taken photos of his supposed trip to heaven.

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“I never went to heaven, I never sold pictures.”

Setting the record straight

Motsoeneng also said that investigations revealed that people in Bushiri’s camp manufactured the story to tarnish his reputation and that Bushiri had since come out publicly to apologise.

News24 previously reported that pictures of Motsoeneng allegedly in heaven reportedly appeared on a Facebook page created under his name in 2016. Someone claiming to be his spokesperson also allegedly said the pictures were for sale.

The East Rand-based religious leader said that he felt the need to set the record straight again after being called out for condemning the “fake resurrection” scandal by Alleluia Ministries pastor Alph Lukau.

Motsoeneng laid a fraud charge against Alleluia Ministries church leaders at the Sandton police station last week following the surfacing of a video where Lukau allegedly brought a man back to life at his funeral.

“They were… saying how does prophet Mboro condemn fake resurrection, yet he is selling the pictures, he is also scamming people,” Motsoeneng told media.

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Visit not ‘protest’

Motsoeneng, who wanted to gain entry into the Tshwane Events Centre to meet with Bushiri, was stopped by security guards who closed the entrance’s gate.

“If he (Bushiri) is here, he will welcome me. But the security is not opening for me, I don’t know what is happening.”

He then asked security personnel on whose instructions they were acting, before entering the premises, walking around looking for the ECG church and offices in the hope that he would find Bushiri.

While Bushiri was not found, Motsoeneng did have cordial conversations with a number of people on the premises, including some wearing shirts with Bushiri’s nickname, Major One, printed on them.

Motsoeneng also stressed that his visit was not a protest against Bushiri. He was there as a brother, he said, looking to settle the matter publicly.

“If we were fighting with Major One, I wasn’t aware. So I will find out today if there is a war, and until I get it from him or he makes his own media statement [and] says ‘I don’t want to see you, Mboro, don’t come’, then I will never bother him.”

ECG spokesperson Maynard Manyowa told News24 that the church was aware of the allegations by Motsoeneng, but said it had “no clue” what he was talking about and would be unable to give any further comment.

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