Has the often exorbitant cost of setting up a website held you back from strengthening your business’s online presence?

It’s a problem tens of thousands of entrepreneurs face on a daily basis, but a new player in the web hosting game in SA – GoDaddy – is aiming to make securing a domain and building a website for your small business that much easier and affordable.

From today, the company has launched a number of solutions that enable entrepreneurs to purchase a domain name – either .co.za or .com – for R10… but there’s a catch.

That’s the price for the first year. After year one, the launch price goes back to the normal rate of R290 per month. This is a pricing model applicable to all their products, so make sure you familiarise yourself with how pricing jumps considerably after the first year.

What is pretty cool is that you also have the freedom to get unique with your domain, where instead of .co.za, if you’re a coffee shop owner you could opt for .coffee as your domain name, but this will cost you more.

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You can also build a website, which the New York stock exchange listed company boasts can happen in less than hour, that is user and mobile-friendly and enables website owners to make changes and updates from their smartphones.

Speaking at the launch on Wednesday, GoDaddy’s Vice-President for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Stefano Maruzzi, said the company was focused on providing helpful resources, relevant local content, online tools and workshops to better empower entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.

“As small businesses fuel the South African economy, our official launch here signals our commitments to supporting this vibrant entrepreneurial landscape, which plays a critical role in helping to drive prosperity and creating jobs,” he said.

“South Africa is an important market for GoDaddy with our customer base i the region growing 25% year-on-year in 2018. Our integrated suite of online tools makes it easier for small business owners and entrepreneurs to leverage the power of the Internet to help their business become more visible.”

GoDaddy also offers an aftermarket platform where users can buy and sell domain names and from R896 per year you can better secure your customer’s data on your website with an SSL certificate.