If you think money is the answer to being more stylish, think again.

Sure, enough cash can buy you all the clothing you want, but it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll look good. Style has to do with the attention you pay to the small details.

Here are 5 ways to upgrade your style without breaking the bank:

 Swap your usual tie for a knitted one 

It’s amazing what a difference a tie’s fabric can make. Your first instinct may be to grab a traditional silk tie to style up your look but, while there’s nothing wrong with a silk tie, a knitted one would add a more contemporary touch. It has a classic, dapper feel about it. So next time you attend a wedding, a formal event or simply dress up for work, instantly upgrade your look by opting for this simple accessory.

Invest in a collar bar 

Whether you’re convinced by knitted ties or not, another way to add a touch of class is with a collar bar. It accentuates your tie, giving you distinguished air. If you’re going for a cleaner, more minimal style, a collar bar works even without the tie.

Wear your suit with a printed shirt

The printed shirt is generally seen as a weekend essential, and is usually associated with relaxing on the beach, being at a rooftop party or any occasion that calls for a casual, effortless look. You wouldn’t immediately think of pairing it with a suit, but it’s a great way to dress a formal suit down.

Tuck in your top

Tucking in your top or shirt has long been a practice of formalwear, but it can instantly upgrade a more casual outfit. For a clean finish, tuck a polo shirt or T-shirt into well-fitted semi-formal trousers or chinos, and finish the look off with your favourite pair of sneakers.

Crop your trousers or hem them

A few years ago, the ankle-revealing revolution came onto the menswear scene and has been popular ever since. It’s the mark of a contemporary, modern man and adds a clean finish to any look, formal or casual.

Images: Pinterest