About Us

Ndalo Media runs a successful digital division that manages its own properties (web, social media, digital publications and mobi-sites) as well as social media for third parties. DestinyConnect.com and DestinyMan.com launched in September 2008 and July 2009 respectively, as custom-designed content and social network sites. A dedicated Ndalo Media team manages content and interaction. Both sites are custom-designed social networks that unite DESTINY and DESTINY MAN readers, giving them exclusive access to content, contacts and mentorship advice in a real-time, real-life setting. The overall purpose was to connect users, encourage networking, mentorship and information-sharing, and to establish Ndalo Media as a leader in digital communication in South Africa.

As a 360° company, we are able to maximise the latest and most effective digital platforms and apps (for example, Zinio or My Subs) for the added convenience of readers and advertisers.

In order to further grow the DESTINY and DESTINY MAN online communities, we focused on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. We currently occupy the leading position in terms of the number of Facebook fans (60 000+) in the women’s publishing category.

The company’s Events and Contract Publishing Division provides the same unique expertise applied to its own print and online products for third parties such as advertisers and corporate clients. The current custom publishing titles in the stable are:
• Sawubona, the official in-flight magazine of SAA (first edition, April 2013).
• Tshumelo, a business-to-business title for the Gauteng Department of Housing.
• The COP17 brochures for the United Nations Convention on Climate Change in Durban in 2011 for an influential global audience.

Our key strengths in the digital space:
• We were first
• Dedicated resources
• Targeted fan/user acquisition strategy
• Cross-media content generation
• Reputation management
• Keeping content relevant
• Advertising


Ndalo Media is the brainchild of Khanyi Dhlomo, whose career has included working as a television presenter, heading up SA Tourism in France and an eight-year stint as the Editor of True Love, where she tripled the readership and transformed the magazine into a leading, award-winning reference for young women throughout S0uthern Africa.

After obtaining her MBA from Harvard Business School, Dhlomo founded the company five years ago as a jointly-owned venture with Media24, in order to launch publications and other media that fulfill the needs of the dynamic South African population. In particular, the organisation aims to address the burgeoning entrepreneurial sector, which it recognises as an avenue towards national economic upliftment and personal empowerment.

The first of these titles was DESTINY, launched in October 2007. Aimed at existing and aspirant businesswomen, it combines compelling and relevant business news (both local and global) with fashion, beauty, lifestyle, entertainment, health, travel and inspirational content each month. The overwhelmingly positive response to DESTINY from female entrepreneurs, students, corporate leaders and other economically active women has more than vindicated Ndalo Media’s belief in this publication.

DESTINY’s brother publication, the alternate-monthly DESTINY MAN, was launched in July 2009 by Dhlomo and is edited by Kojo Baffoe. Aimed at accomplished, stylish, affluent and self-assured South African men, it offers a similar blend of compelling and relevant business and lifestyle content, including fashion, grooming, sport, technology, motoring and more.