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Tech entrepreneurs in SA to benefit from new R1.4 bn fund

R1,4 billion. That's the value of a new start-up fund SA tech entrepreneurs stand to benefit from soon

How to prepare for a career change

If you have ambitions of embarking on a new career path next year, here’s how to lay the groundwork

Career-change readiness: Make sure these 4 areas are covered

Making a switch in your working life can cause stress and anxiety. Here’s how to make sure you’re mentally prepared

Finance Minister Mboweni will try to protect Treasury from political meddling

Finance Minister Tito Mboweni on Wednesday said he would strive to protect the National Treasury from political interference but conceded that he would be naive to think he could succeed

3 habits that are making your job harder than it needs to be

These are some of the habits we intentionally or unintentionally adopt that actually make our jobs harder than necessary

How much not taking lunch breaks is costing you – survey

Research conducted by online jobs portal Career Junction suggests that the average South African sacrifices over R500 000 worth of unused lunch breaks over their career

Strategies to prepare yourself for home-ownership

Do you have ambitions of becoming a first-time home-owner? These strategies will help you get ready

This new Sandton apartment will set you back a cool R3,2m

If you had R3,2 million lying around, would you invest it in a luxury apartment?

This is how many dollar millionaires are in SA

Since 2015, wealth in South Africa has risen by 26% in US dollar terms and that is due largely to currency appreciation. Correcting for the rising rand, there has still been an increase of 13%

Here’s how to increase your retirement savings

A survey released earlier this month by 10x Investments indicates that almost one-half of the South African workforce have no retirement plan

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