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Powerhouse: Quinton Zunga

With insatiable curiosity, self-proclaimed smartphone addiction and a desire to disrupt the status quo, master capital-raiser Quinton Zunga’s aiming to transform Africa’s healthcare sector

Sovereign wealth – the king of all funds?

Context matters, as SA considers the creation of a sovereign wealth fund (SWF). A budget in deficit limits the opportunities to finance such a resource from fiscal resources, but it can be funded in other ways

Papy Kaluw: Championing afro-centric values

Meet Urban Zulu owner Papy Kaluw, an entrepreneur who believes in thinking really big and working hard to make a difference to society

So you want to be a forex trader?

We look beneath the shiny veneer of the lucrative, but risky world of forex trading

Zoning out

Despite its name, the “friend zone” can be a desolate place. Here’s some advice on coming in from the cold

Madiba 100 years and beyond: The legacy lives on

As we celebrate the centenary of our beloved Madiba’s birth, we recall the words he uttered in 1994: “Our definition of the freedom of the individual must be instructed by the fundamental objective to restore the human dignity of each and every South African”

Land – why the Constitution’s not to blame

The Constitutional Review Committee (CRC) is set to report back to the National Assembly at the end of August this year, but it may not necessarily resolve the contentious issue of reform and redistribution of land

Banking gets interesting

Banking is about to be shaken up with the launch of three new banks later this year, namely Discovery Bank, BankZero and TymeDigital

Free education: can it work?

In an effort to better understand the feasibility of SA’s push for free higher education, we look at three countries that have had tuition-free higher learning for decades

Itumeleng Mpatlanyana: Township taste

Itumeleng Mpatlanyana (38) believes his fast-food franchise is a way to help aspirant black entrepreneurs become economically active and uplift entire communities

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