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Man about town: Jamie Bartlett

With his long-running role as resident bad guy David Genaro on’s Rhythm City, you’d be forgiven for being intimidated by actor Jamie Bartlett (47). But underneath his tough exterior lies a charismatic, straight-talking man with a deep passion for his family and work.

Sex Notes: Desire discrepancy

Different libidos are a reality in long-term relationships due to any number of factors. We uncover a case study on lining up different libido levels.

Report: How to save on your wedding

There’s probably a very good reason why some engagements lasted for years... to save up enough money for the big day.

Cover Star: Brian Molefe

When he joined Transnet in 2011, CEO Brian Molefe was tasked with improving its efficiency and profitability and renewing its infrastructure.

Executive Intelligence: How employable are you?

Executive Director of CareerJunction, Paul Byrne shares sound advice on how you can assess your employability in the market.

Reader’s review: HTC One smartphone

We chat to Wayne Hutamo, Creative Director of Reserved Projects, about the HTC One smartphone.

Spirit Notes: The case for criticism

When you ask for an honest opinion, beware: you might just get it. Yet once you've soothed your wounded ego, you may find that beneath hurtful criticism lies valuable advice.

Powerhouse Q&A: Nicholas Maweni

Destiny Man July-August Powerhouse Nicholas Maweni, the Black Management Forum's Managing Director, shares thoughts on a range of subjects that affect South Africa.

Cover Star: Given Mkhari

Given Mkhari's business journey over the past few years has been a bag of mixed fortunes, but with the launch of Power 98.9 FM, he has many reasons to smile.

Young and Powerful: Ad creatives under 35

The I See a Different You trio used photography and social media to build their brand. We discuss ways to use social media to grow your brand.

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