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[Tried and tested] Herbalife’s SKIN range

We had the opportunity to try out two products from the Herbalife SKIN range. Here's how we felt about the products

Measure up

Bespoke suits are the ultimate personal expression of the gentleman who wants the best. We go behind the scenes to learn what the creation of just one of these suits entails.

Laid Back Living

Sail through the holidays looking effortlessly cool – it’s all about mixing casual pieces in a stylish way

Top 3 steakhouses

The love between a man and a steak is only understandable to those who have experienced the taste of heaven in their mouths. Here’s our list of the top 3 steakhouses in the country – your taste buds can thank us later!

Theo Ngobeni: from corporate finance to fashion

Personal stylist Theo Ngobeni went from working at one of Africa's biggest banks to becoming one of South Africa's most sought-after stylists. We chat to him about the transition and what he's learnt

How to take care of your hair – even after a cut

Many gents don’t give much thought to their hair after a cut, but aftercare is vital to ensuring a healthy scalp and mane

Waar 8: bringing truth to street wear

Thabang Lethoko is the founder and creative director of Pretoria street wear brand Waar 8. He chats to us about his passion for making clothing a voice for topical affairs

Top 3 themed restaurants

If you're looking for an out-of-the-ordinary dinner experience, try one of these

5 slip-ons to try this summer

Footwear that's as easy on the eye as it is to wear. Try these five slip-ons this summer

Why you’re going grey in your 20s

Are you starting to go grey much sooner than expected? Here's why this could be happening

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