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Pre-shaving tips for the perfect shave

Add these four easy pre-shave steps to enjoy the smoothest shave

Tips for growing a thicker, healthier beard

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5 advantages of having oily skin

While every skin type comes with its pros and cons – oily skin has a few impressive advantages

5 things to eat to grow your beard

Here's a list of food rich in the essential nutrients needed to grow a healthy beard

Grooming jargon: five terms to master

There are so many grooming terms out there and it's important to understand what the terms mean and what grooming products can do for you. Here's our layman's guide to five grooming terms every man should know

6 ways to kill alcohol breath in time for that business meeting

Don't let a quick drink with friends or a night out with the boys stand in the way of you being fresh the next morning. Here are six ways to get rid of alcohol breath and be fresh for that business meeting

Your spring skincare problems solved

We've got the solutions to the most common skincare problems men experience at this time of year

How to avoid razor bumps and ingrown hairs

Any man with a beard will know all about the problems associated with razor bumps and ingrown hairs. We got an expert to tell us how you can take more care when shaving to prevent these uncomfortable occurrences

Ebrahim Adam’s tips on choosing a fragrance

Ebrahim Adam, Brand Experience Specialist for Prestige Cosmetics, gives us the low-down on fragrances and style

4 winter fragrances to try right now

Switch your signature scent to an oriental or woody fragrance this season, evoking warmer, spicier locales

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