Grooming jargon: five terms to master

There are so many grooming terms out there and it's important to understand what the terms mean and what grooming products can do for you. Here's our layman's guide to five grooming terms every man should know

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When to chuck out grooming products

Your grooming products won't last forever. Here's when to invest in new creams, fragrances and hair products

Product focus: L’Oréal Men Expert

L’Oréal Men Expert recently dropped off the new Hydra Energetic X range at our offices for review - Here's our impression.

How to handle oily skin

[FEATURED] Great skin can go a long way in making a lasting first impression. Taking care of your specific needs should be a number one grooming priority. We look at one of the major skin care concerns for men – oily skin

Lewis Hamilton on life, success and style

Lewis Hamilton was named the new spokesperson for L'Oreal Men Expert earlier this year. Here he chats about motivation, success, grooming and more

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