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New Nissan Almera driven

The launch of the new Nissan Almera caught many of us off guard, but will it live up to the stature of its predecessor?

The new GLC Coupé – Introducing Terry Pheto

[FEATURED] Mercedes-Benz recently challenged local celebs Terry Pheto and Jeannie D by putting them in the GLC Coupé and sending them on a typical South African road trip

The low-down on buying a car on auction

Thinking about buying a car on auction? We unpack some of the pros and cons that should help you make the best decision

Prepare your wheels for winter

Here are 10 tips to keep your car going through the cold season

Hiring a car – all you need to know

There is nothing better than the freedom of hitting the road with a tank full of petrol. If you don't have car, you can always just rent one for a weekend away - here's how it works.

New BMW 3 Series on our roads

The new BMW 3 Series GT aims to be the new ‘boss of the road’ with style and panache.

New AMG leprechaun has a pot of golden fury

The new Mercedes-AMG GT R is finally on sale

How do you sell a car that nobody wants?

It’s amazing to think that during the first four months of 2018, Toyota Motors SA was only able to sell a few Prius cars, according to the NAAMSA new car sales figures

Mercedes rolls out a new range of AMG models

This is the pertinent question: would you settle for a less powerful Mercedes-AMG model? It comes with smaller biturbo engines, a cute set of exhaust quintets, less outright performance and all but one boast permanent AWD underpinnings. Welcome to AMG-Lite!

Land Cruiser 70 and FJ: revival of the fittest

In case we forget, Toyota reminds us why the Land Cruiser 70 Series and the FJ have no point to prove.

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