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How car dealers rip you off

Wheeling and dealing isn't for the fainthearted, know your stuff before you hit the showroom floor.

Vintage cars: what to look out for

Owning a classic car can be a pleasure or a pain.

Hot wheels

If your tastes run to a Ferrari Italia, but your pocket is a bit more strapped, you may consider Ford's Focus RS...

5 of the biggest machines on wheels

Some of these giant machines can move mountains and launch rockets into space. Here are five of the world's largest vehicles.

5 of the coolest family cars

Family cars are sportier, faster, flashier, roomier and more powerful than ever before.

Top 5 off-road driving tips

Don't get stuck in a ditch on your off-road trips. Here are 5 tips to get you ready and prepared for that 4x4 journey.

The top 5 cars

Drive those winter blues away with these awesome vehicles.

Top 5 reasons to ride a motorcycle

Riding a motorbike is not merely about riding on two wheels, it involves so much more.

The joule electric car is here

It's environmentally-friendly and it saves you money on petrol. The new Joule is the answer to a cleaner future.

Free 2010 mirror caps for your car

Mini has launched the "6 Colours To Stand By" campaign to encourage South African fans to proudly display the country's flag on their cars in support of the Fifa World Cup and Bafana Bafana.

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