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Top 5 ultimate luxury vehicles

If you dream of driving something with more gadgets than an electronics, take a look at these beauties

Car accessories that bite and bark

Aside from your 20-inch Antera Type alloys with stainless steel lip, car accessories do more than add a touch of brawn to your beauty

Top 10 things to look for when buying a car

If you're in the market for a new car, there are a few things you should look out for

Are advanced driving courses worth doing?

Judging by South Africa’s appalling road safety record, the long and the short answer is an overwhelming yes

Should you name your car?

Naming your car is one of those questionable actions that could see you being respected or ridiculed

Top ten most fuel-efficient cars

The petrol price and exorbitant car prices both contributed to reduced luxury car sales. People are now looking for smaller, more wallet-friendly vehicles. Here are the top ten most fuel-efficient cars and their claimed combined fuel economy figures

What’s that noise?

It’s your pride and joy, but sometimes things can go wrong with your car. A noise is usually the first sign that all’s not well – here’s what those weird sounds mean.

Top 10 film cars of all times

Sometimes the movie takes a backseat to the spectacular cars featured – here’s our list of cinema’s finest four-wheeled action stars

The executive commute

Getting to work in some of these executive playthings may cost a bomb, but they dramatically reduce travelling time – and seriously boost your office cred!

My other car’s a…

Burn rubber in the three hottest rides outside the showroom

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