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Prepare your wheels for winter

Here are 10 tips to keep your car going through the cold season

We took the Amarok for a wild ride in the Free State

Volkswagen is set to scatter some pigeons with its new V6- powered Amarok

Downgrade Blues forcing you to buy down the range? Try our budget beaters

Experts warn that the recent downgrade of our financial credit rating will see the cost of living rise to meteoric levels and the natural remedy to this bad news is the need to tight belts

Toyota Etios Sprint: A Tripartite face Alliance!

Now there are three faces to get your Toyota Etios game-face on for that Masked Ball

New Nissan Navara: Close but no cigar!

Apart from involuntarily starting to dress like your aged Uncles, one of the big worries of becoming head of a family is that you might have to severe any ties with your GTI or BMW M4

Renault stock plummets in the wake of emissions cheating scandal

Renault is being investigated following revelations that it has cheated pollution tests for more than 25 years

Mercedes rolls out a new range of AMG models

This is the pertinent question: would you settle for a less powerful Mercedes-AMG model? It comes with smaller biturbo engines, a cute set of exhaust quintets, less outright performance and all but one boast permanent AWD underpinnings. Welcome to AMG-Lite!

Alfa Romeo Returns with a Giulia

Despite the last 30 years being quite tough on Alfa Romeo's reputation, its 100-year existence is decorated with epic moments of creating impossibly beautiful shapes. Now, there is a pretty new model that’s just gone on sale

Toyota gets social: uses fans to launch the new C-HR

[FEATURED] In a dramatic departure from traditional motor vehicle advertising, Toyota SA has used its online fan base to help launch the C-HR, its brand new high-powered cross-over marque

Polish that budget: Five awesome cars from Geneva

We look at five cars from the annual Geneva International Motor Show which we think will in the next 7 years – will either find a home at your residence or grudgingly, decorate your neighbour’s driveway

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