It’s a great honour and privilege to be the Editor of what I consider to be the seminal businessmen’s magazine emerging from our country.

I take my hat off to the bold ambition of The Bar Group, led by Legend Manqele, who’ve realised their vision of establishing a new conversation – serving the quintessential businessman through the full spectrum of what constitutes success. Energised by the spirit of a great comeback, pulling this issue together has been inspiring.

It was necessary to find a cover star who would underpin that comeback, as well as his own – an accomplished businessman who embodies resilience, fortitude and excellence. For us, the stars aligned and the story of Pepe Marais’s life, paralleled with DESTINY MAN’s reincarnation, evokes the saying: “The second time around is always better.” And indeed, it is.

In these pages, along with Binwe Adebayo, I had the chance to tap the mind and mantras of this legendary ad man. We also highlight an array of accomplished men from all walks of life. These are stories of men motivated to be the best version of themselves every day. Men who live consciously. Men whose values dictate their actions.

“Be your own man. Be an original man. Be him and completely devote all your energy to this pursuit.”

Men who become a point of reference for something vital and tangible – creative talent, determination, personal victory in the face of insurmountable odds, or a fleeting moment that defines a lifespan.

Look out for Niren Tolsi’s tribute to Hashim Amla and Charles Molele’s exceptional geopolitical oped on the scourge of “the other”, as people try to separate and divide society.

Sulaiman Philip offers insights into data’s increasing drive on retail and Ciaran Ryan shares revelations on the rise of black ownership in coal mining.

Then we bring you tech discoveries, culinary reviews, arts, culture and the essence of cultivating a gentleman from returning contributor, Timothy Maurice Webster. I invite you to experience and celebrate our resurrection.