There is no doubt that the Galaxy S20 smartphone is a game-changer for photography. But for a professional music video? Tebogo Malope thought so. The award-winning filmmaker, known for directing Africa’s first Netflix Original series, decided to use the Galaxy S20’s capability to shoot and edit in 8K resolution, early in his most recent music video’s conception.

The music video was shot in Alexandra in Gauteng, which often consisted of a lot of cramped and hard to navigate spaces. It was created for electronic artist Elo Zar, featuring Lesotho born rapper Kommanda Obbs for the single “Bophelo”, and is accompanied by a mini-documentary. As the only smartphone that can shoot in 8K, Malope seized the opportunity to maximise its possibilities. Whilst most TV series are shot in 4K, Tebogo wanted to shoot with the incredible power of the 8K resolution of the Galaxy S20 Ultra, which cut seamlessly with the footage from the Arri Alexa film camera.

Film Director, Tebogo Malope

Malope’s decision to use the device demonstrates why the series has been receiving a high level of attention for its innovative camera experience and immersive 6.9-inch cinematic display. All the devices in the Galaxy S20 range feature cameras with capabilities developed to help its users capture, view, edit and share photos and videos as seamlessly as possible, from taking photos and managing a gallery to sharing moments with friends. The device also brought additional benefits including a big, intelligent battery with up to 5000mAh. The power attributes combined with the Galaxy S20’s storage capabilities to allow more flexibility when shooting with time constraints and specific lighting environments. This is a great example of combining technologies to create instant synergy. Incredibly, the Galaxy S20 is a device available to everyone from the amateur to the professional.