The new year is upon us and there’s a lot to look forward to and to do this year. From an economic and social standpoint, we have much to address and to realise as a nation if we are going to change our course for the better, pivoting away from the negative and harsh realities of 2019.

Paramount on our list of priorities is the great need to address our own economic woes. Looking at the current context of our nation – with crime on the rise, the alarming brain-drain of skilled talent and the stagnation of the economy – these are difficult times. In the midst of growing ambivalence and the pessimism that’s pervaded our everyday lives, we’ve chosen to cast our eyes away from the negative zeitgeist and focus on what really works. Specifically, we’ve cast a spotlight on the entrepreneurs who are the real backbone of our national economy. They – and particularly the informal traders, who constitute our “forgotten economy – are our unsung heroes. It’s in the entrepreneurial space that real job creation takes place and in this issue, you’ll meet some phenomenal individuals who exemplify their value.

Our cover story features the inspiring Max Mqadi, who’s building an exciting vision in Umlazi. We also bust many myths about the informal sector and explore what this sector really contributes to our economy. Plus check out an essential read on our creative economy from Bernice Maune. You’ll be stirred by first time contribution from seasoned journo Bongani Bingwa on his second life. Then food maverick Sanza Tshabalala whets our appetites in the heart of Yeoville as we take a detailed look at the opportunities that lie ahead for would-be entrepreneurs in 2020.

Finally, we welcome a new addition to the DESTINY family – DESTINY Careers, a sister publication dishing out a digest of essential career savvy and industry acumen for aspirant job applicants, progressive corporate ladder-climbers and vertically mobile professionals.

As individuals, this is the perfect time to set our course towards making this our best year ever and in these pages, we offer features to both inspire and empower you with practical tools and insights that will help you build a bolder and more profitable life.

Without further ado, we bring you 2020!