It is an incredible feeling to start 2020 on the back of the amazing launches of destiny and destiny man. We are overwhelmed by the wonderful support and reception from you, our reader — for that we thank you. Inspired by our vision as the bar group to change the world through compelling content, we enter 2020 with a bold resolve to broaden our share of agency to create impact in all the relevant areas to achieve this goal. This month, the culmination of a deep interrogation of how we can bring content that can inspire and empower millions of people who are job seekers, employed professionals and practitioners within south africa’s economy, has brought us to another exciting decision — destiny careers. I am enthralled, together with the amazing collective of the bar group, to introduce to you our new edition to the destiny family. Destiny careers is an essential digest, offering compelling content features on career savvy and industry acumen — I’m sure it will be a wonderful addition to your local newsstands. May 2020 be a year of new beginnings and great endings for you.