It’s no longer cool to look unkempt and shaggy – and men are fast incorporating stringent grooming into their daily routines. South African TV star and Playboy Signature Collection ambassador Katlego Maboe shares five of his personal grooming tips:

1. Look after your skin – use a face wash that’s suited to your skin type. “Because of my career, I’m in front of the cameras daily and have to wear make-up, which can dry out my skin. I use a face wash and an exfoliator to prevent my pores from blocking,” says Maboe. “Exfoliating is as important as cleansing to ensure your skin’s clear of dead cells and remains youthful-looking.”

2. Exercising is not only good for your body, but also helps keep your brain in tip-top shape. Cardio exercise improves blood flow and memory, while stimulating chemical changes in the brain that enhance learning, your mood and cognitive functioning.

3. Define yourself through your fragrance. “Before I leave home, I always spray on my favourite scent, which is currently Ambition from the Playboy Signature Collection,” says Maboe. It has a citrus scent with notes of mandarin and bergamot, as well as undertones of vanilla and musk.

4. Keep your skin hydrated. Grooming isn’t only about the products you use on the outside, but about what you put into your body. “Drinking water and staying hydrated, as well as incorporating greens into your diet, cares for your skin from the inside out,” says Maboe.

5. Find your signature style. Nothing says more about your personality than how you dress. A watch, a scarf or even a hat can give your look something that’s entirely you.

“Looking presentable has nothing to do with my career – it’s about the pride I take in ensuring my appearance is the best it can be,” says Maboe. “I’ve always believed in taking care of myself – it’s just common sense.”