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The money mistakes to avoid if you suddenly come into wealth

Who hasn't dreamt about winning the Lotto and what they'd do with the sudden cash injection? Just in case it happens one day, steer clear of these four money mistakes 

All you need to know about investing in student accommodation

Investing in student accommodation is a sound strategy, but there are a few things you need to take into consideration to ensure it doesn't become a headache. Here's what you need to know

5 habits that will save you R300 a month

Small changes can have a significant effect – here are five simple ways to put away R300 every month

Why quitting your job too soon is a bad idea

Before you leave your job too soon, consider these three things

Avoid the loan shark trap this festive season

If you need a little extra cash to get you through the festive season, the last person you should be contemplating asking for help is a loan shark

Budget 2018: Not all doom and gloom for entrepreneurs

The 2018 Budget has presented a silver lining for small businesses

Strategies for leveraging social media to get the job of your dreams

Use these social media strategies to help you beat your competition and land your dream job

Gauteng suburbs for first-time home-buyers

Here's a look at affordable suburbs in Joburg and Pretoria that are ideal for first-time home-buyers

‘My wife is our financial manager’

Seasoned financial author and writer Aiden Sookdin insists that the belief that men should be the only people to manage household finances is fast becoming outdated

5 money strategies for surviving a recession

Is the bad economy taking its toll on your wallet? Here are five money-saving tips to help you get through the recession

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